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The People You'll Encounter at the Blackjack Table

You enter the casino and look for a blackjack table. Of course, you prefer an empty table to play alone against the dealer, no background noises and time to think, concentrate and enjoy your game. However, things are not always ideal and at times, you’ll have to join a table that is in session already or start playing alone vs the dealer, only to have another person (or more) join your table and session. So, in this video, we’ll share 7 types of people that you may encounter around the blackjack table during your next visit to the online casino nz. The One Waiting for His Drink There’s always that one player who wants to order a drink, yet the service is unavailable, so he becomes anxious and can interfere during the game with un-comfortable complaints.

At the end, he will get his drink, question is, if he’ll still have any money to play with, losing most or all of it due to his anger and frustration waiting for his drink to be ordered or delivered. The Critic The critic is that player who always has something to say which he thinks is wise. He can criticize your play, say something about your game strategy, or brag about his own experiences and winnings. Try to avoid this person, don’t try to rationalize with him, let him talk to other players or to himself and focus on your game, as he is simply a distraction. Hopefully, he’ll keep to himself at the end, but if not and you find that you can’t play freely and enjoy yourself when he’s around, consider switching tables. The One with the OCD Are you familiar with OCD?

It stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. During a blackjack game, you do not touch your cards. But, the one with the OCD is that player who will always straighten up his cards, or else he simply can’t play.

I’m not sure if such a player will be allowed to continue his play (as you’re not supposed to touch your cards), but at least he’s not ranting and distracting your play with background noise. So, all in all, you can deal with such a player at the table, just remember that he has a disorder and he can’t help himself. The Superstitious One No matter which game you will play, most chances at one point or another, you’ll meet the superstitious player. This is that one player who simply forgot that the deck of cards is already arranged and it doesn’t matter what he believes in.

Bet an X or a Y amount according to your superstition, it doesn’t matter, the cards are already arranged and waiting to be drawn. But the superstitious player can be bad for your play as well, because he can even blame you for their losses. The way you put your drink or play with your chips that affect their luck. Just ignore them and let them lose their money by themselves to focus on your own play. The Newbie Every player was a newbie at first, there’s the excitement of the game, a little time to think before acting, trying to be a buddy with the other players, and that’s all understood. Be patient toward this player, he’s new, he’s learning, you were once that player too, so smile, maybe have a little bit of small-talk with him, if it doesn’t effect your game and move on.

Other players may be a bit annoyed with the newbie, just like a new driver on the road, but everyone was a newbie at one point, so, try to understand his position. The Tight Ass This player is the one who wins, and sometimes even wins nicely, yet decides not to tip the dealer. Sure, he doesn’t have to tip the dealer, but come on, you’ve just won and he dealt you a great card, throw him something, help a brother out, don’t be a tight ass.

Guess the tight ass is another type of player you’ll probably encounter around the blackjack table, but what can you do about it? You just remember to have a smile and tip the dealer once in a while after a nice win. The Blabbermouth The blabbermouth is that player who thinks that he plays blackjack with his friends. He’s the one who won’t stop talking, blabbing, and having the time of his life.

The blabbermouth is the one that can be heard throughout the casino, so if you hear him before sitting around a blackjack table, look for a different table. If he’s joining your table, best of luck staying calm, focused and socializing with him, or not, if you’re not there to make new friends like he probably is.